5 Essential Mobile Web Apps


ReadWriteWeb asked their readers to name their favorite Mobile web app. There were apps that clearly stood out, with multiple mentions.

1. Gmail Java app for mobile phone. Java-based version of Gmail for mobile, which features IMAP sync, attachment viewing. Phrases that were associated with Gmail for mobile by our readers included: “just works”, “simplicity”, “functional”, “useful”, “a joy to use”.

2. Google Maps for Mobile. This too is a Java app, which Google released in December 2006. There is also a full-featured version, including GPS Integration, which can be used on Windows Mobile PocketPCs and smartphones. According to our readers, utility is the key factor for this app.

3. Opera Mini. Not strictly speaking a web app, but still it’s something a lot of people want to download to use as their mobile web browser. Also the recent 4.0 release impressed a few of our commenters. The new features in Opera Mini 4 include quicker scrolling, auto-sizing and faster page rendering. It seems to be the mobile web browser of choice for our readers – odd though that Safari on iPhone got no mentions?!

4. Fring. A free mobile VoIP software, that lets you connect to all your IM services and talk for free when connected to 3G or Wi-Fi.

5. Shozu. Enables you to send your videos and photos from your phone to the Web – e.g. your Flickr account, YouTube, Facebook.

Photo by ReadWriteWeb.

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