Flooring Products And Franchising Opportunities From Danlaid Contracting

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Danlaid Contracting was established in 1997 by the present Managing Director, Danny Laidlaw. Possessing several years of experience in the coating and flooring industries, Danlaid Contracting is stated to be a major player in the manufacture of flooring products.

Danlaid Contracting is also noted for franchising products as well as services. It has sold a huge number of franchises in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South and Western Australia. Additionally, Danlaid Contracting has established franchises both in rural and metropolitan areas to provide contracting services and building products.

Danlaid is also a waterproofing contracting and flooring preparation business. It undertakes all the flooring tasks in a professional and timely manner. Floor levelling, Epoxy coatings, and waterproofing are the monitoring products from Danlaid Contracting.

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