Two Moms Go Through Everything Together – Including Business

Like many friends, Libby and Laura experienced school together, college, first jobs, among other things. Their biggest experience, though, was experiencing motherhood together.

Once they had children, they started shopping together for baby supplies. Then as time past they found themselves shopping for “pre-walker” shoes for their kids. The problem was, what the found wasn’t exactly what they wanted. So they decided to make their own!

Libby and Laura decided it was time to do a little research of their own. They wanted to find the right materials, they wanted the shoes to be easy to put on, but hard for the child to take off, but most of all the shoes needed to be stylish. Once they put everything together they created a shoe that they loved, their children loved and all their friends wanted. It was then that Isabooties was born.

Isabooties has since grown into an resource where any mom can now find the soft pre-walking bootie that they need for their own children. We’ve all heard many things about how bad hard soled shoes can be for the feet of a new walker, so these two moms have helped revolutionize the soft-soled shoe industry to make these shoes more stylish and mom friendly.

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