Baby Bib Shows Moms That Not All Bibs Are Created Equal

Carol Schiller is yet another mom that can prove that necessity is the mother of invention. In this case, her problem was with bibs.

Jacob, Carol’s third child, was a big drooler and spit up a lot. So her pile of bibs grew fast. When she talked to other parents about her problem, she found that she was not alone. Determined that their was a better way to go than with the traditional bib, Baby Chaleco was born.

Carol had certain criteria that she wanted this bib to go by. This bib had to stay on, it needed to keep the child from getting wet because of liquids soaking into it, and she wanted it to look nice enough that it could be worn all day for the children that needed it. Keeping that in mind she started making the test samples, using Jacob and the children of people she knew to try them out for her.

Getting the Baby Chaleco bib right took a lot of time, and patience on Carol’s part. She saw plenty of late nights and many months of trial and error before she felt her product was ready.

Today she now has 6 different designs of her bibs. They’re even made in the USA, not far from her home.

Thanks to her unique style bib, moms can feel more at ease when it comes to how much mess their child makes. Whether it’s spit up from a newborn or the food mess of an older child.

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