Baby Star Keeps Babies Stylish

Like most moms, Dana Johnson wanted her son to look stylish. So she got out the sewing machine and started making accessories for her son. Between Dana and her husband Bo, they were able to create fun, hip, stylish items that looked great and any parent could love. It was all the great things she realized after she started making things for her son that she realized it could also turn into a profitable business. It wasn’t long after that when Dana created Baby Star to sell the great baby accessories she’d already got to try on her own son.

Of course all the things sold at Baby Star have evolved since then. Thanks to how innovative Dana is, their is variety in products as well as product styles. She has anywhere from bedding to burp cloths that she offers. All of which are made of 100% cotton.

It’s amazing how Dana was able to take something that many parents have done in the past, made their child things that they needed, and yet in her case she was able to recognize a profitable idea in it. In return many moms can get their children some safe, quality, baby accessories without having to get out their own sewing machines. If anything, Dana’s story should inspire any creative moms out there to want to create something that they can also market and sell the same way that Dana succeeded to do.

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