Business Opportunities With Unique Farm Animals

Wooly Pigs is a business that raises and sells fury pigs, including the Mangalitsa, one of Europe’s best tasting breeds.

The Mangalitsa is a special breed of pig from Central Europe.

Mangalitsa meat tastes better than all commonly available pigs – including the heritage breeds – because of its genes and how it is raised.

The Mangalitsa’s genes give it very good marbling. Raising it properly ensures that it develops superior meat and fat.

Because the Mangalitsa and American pigs have charted different courses for approximately 200 years, Mangalitsa meat (and fat) is very different from normal pork, as are the economics of raising the animals.

I’m sure that this model is applicable to plenty of other unique farm animals. What other unusual animals could you bring to market?

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