Right On Time With Your Body’s Clock


The body clock we are all born with is responsible for whether you are a morning or night person. This invisible force may also dictate what type of small business might be right for you.

The internal timepiece determines if you are a “lark” or “early bird”, meaning the kind of person who is up at dawn, sharp as a tack and raring to go full force.

If you are lethargic and apathetic in the morning but lively, energetic and on point during the late night hours, you are an “owl.”

The rest of us are “hummingbirds”–ready for action in the morning or late at night. Some experts argue that hummingbirds may gravitate toward being “larks” or “owls” but generally are productive at anytime.

So what’s a “larkish” business owner to do when running a business requires some late night hours? And is it possible for an “owl” to ever get anything done during the early morning hours or even before lunch?

The solution is simple: In order to make the most of your day you’ve got to make the most of your night–no matter what your body clock regulates.

The key to everything is sleep and getting enough of it. Nearly everyone needs at least eight hours of sleep, according to various sleep experts.

Sleep deprivation can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and mental illness. Some sleeping disorder scientists contend that just one week of decreased sleep will hinder your ability to fight infections, manage stress and properly process carbohydrates.

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