Cereal Bowl Set To Franchise


When Kenneth and Josh Rader were kids, their dad always looked for the newest flavor on the cereal aisle. ‘He’s always been a big kid, and cereal has always been big in our family,’ Kenneth says. So, maybe the Rader parents should have been prepared when their twin sons decided to use their 6 years of business education, undergraduate and graduate, to sell cereal.

‘It really started as a joke, sort of,’ says Kenneth Rader, president and CEO of Miami-based The Cereal Bowl. ‘I was an undergrad at Syracuse University, and hung out at Starbucks a lot. I said to a friend one day, ‘Wouldn’t it be awesome if this were a cereal Starbucks.’ We laughed about it and I e-mailed my brother at the University of Miami. He thought it was a great idea.’

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