Pizza Tops Super Bowl Menu

The Des Moines Register:

Pizza will be the big winner Sunday.

One in 7 Americans eat take-out or delivery food from a restaurant on Super Bowl Sunday, according to the National Restaurant Association. About 60% of the purchases will be for pizza.

Sales of store-bought frozen pizza will be about 20% higher than usual this week, according to a spokeswoman for DiGiorno and Tombstone.

When it comes to pizza, most Americans have long followed this advice: Do not try this at home.

Of course, there are do-it-yourselfers.

‘Making your own pizza elevates the quality of the pizza you get to eat at home,’ said George Formaro, a Des Moines chef who sells pizza at his restaurant, Centro, 1007 Locust St., and take-and-bake pizza at Gateway Market, 2002 Woodland Ave.

Truly adventurous home cooks will make their own doughs from scratch. This step can take up to 6 hours or longer, but is considered essential by pizza connoisseurs who place heavy emphasis on the taste and texture of the crust, Formaro said.

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