Five Characteristics of Successful Distributors

5 KeysNetwork marketers have to invite people to local meetings at hotels or living rooms and handed out company literature. Marketers before were excellent storytellers. You needed to be a dynamic, attractive storyteller with a charismatic personality to become a leader. Personal computer introduced average ordinary people to a powerful world, they had denied access to in the past. People were allowed to be more efficient and get more done. But it took some time before the computer made a difference in the network marketing industry.Here are five characteristics of successful distributors (one here – other five at original article):

1. They are product of their products.

It is absolutely vital to your success in the business that you are a product of the product and that you have a simple explanation of why you use the product and why others should use the product. Personal testimonies are also very good if you have one. Simply knowing your own product and business. You must believe in your own product and being passionate about it. The product that helped build the business is when people had amazing results on a product.

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Originally posted by Ty Tribble on February 6, 2008 in MLM Site.


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