Baby Boot Camp Gets Moms Moving

Reno Gazette-Journal:

It’s not clear who is more excited in the morning when the time comes to head to Baby Boot Camp — the toddlers or the mothers.

Baby Boot Camp is an hour-long class of exercises including cardiovascular and strength-training exercise led by a certified instructor. It is done with the child in the stroller the first 45 minutes of class. During the last 15 minutes, while mothers do floor exercises, the children can be taken out of the strollers to play with each other.

Mother Heather Lenz said her daughter Riley, 2, is so excited about the morning classes that she asks for them by name.

“She says ‘Boot Camp, Boot Camp,'” Lenz said. “‘Go see Klein. Go see Abbey.'”

Moms take along snacks and small toys to occupy their children. They unpack their jog strollers from the backs of their cars and wheel their young ones — along with water and a yoga mat — into the gym at the YMCA of the Sierra.

“This gives me a chance to get out of the house,” Lenz said. “You get to establish friendships of your own and meet other moms. And you set a good example for your children to have a fit lifestyle.”

Baby Boot Camp is a nationwide program that began in 2001 after a San Francisco Bay Area mother wanted to be able to work out without having to pay for a personal trainer, gym membership or baby-sitting. Using her personal experience, she developed the Baby Boot Camp classes, which have since spread nationwide.

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