Buy And Sell, What Mommy's Do Best

Pregnant moms tend to shop like crazy for the baby about to come. Looking everywhere they can for the best prices and making sure their new bundle of joy will have everything a baby could ever need. But it’s not until after the baby is born and time starts to pass that they start to realize they have all these extra things and don’t know what to do with it.

Samantha Stack was in the same boat. So she decided to do something about it. Samantha created an auction site for mom’s where they can buy and sell the baby and toddler things they need in one place. No need to sift through all the other things found on other auction websites. Mommy Auctions is a one stop shop for moms and moms to be that need to buy or sell their kids’ clothing.

They’re not just an auction site, though, they’re also a community where many moms can get together. A support system for moms as well as a way to buy and sell things they need for their kids, I can’t think of a better option for moms.

Mommy Auctions is definitely the beginning in what I can see as becoming a popular trend in auction style online business. Now their are many moms that are probably thankful to Samantha for filling her own needs, because it now has helped other moms out there fill their own shopping needs.

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