Niche Biz: Rice Babys

Taking personalization in a new direction, Japanese Yosimiya is selling bags of rice printed with a newborn’s photo, name and date of birth.

The bags are shaped to resemble a swaddled baby. But the key feature is that the bags contain the baby’s exact weight in rice. Holding the bag will therefore feel like holding the baby.

Bags of rice with baby’s photos printed on them aren’t new in Japan, by Yosimiya is the first to make them to order, creating bags that match the baby’s size and weight. The personalized, made-to-order ‘dakigokochi’ are priced from JPY 3500 (USD 32 / EUR 22) and available in a wide range of colours and designs.

Yosimaya’s dakigokochi are selling like hotcakes and mainly given to friends and family by the baby’s parents.

Could this be one of those Japanese crazes that catches on in other parts of the world? Ongoing interest in personalization (see the books and DVDs for children that we recently covered) definitely won’t hurt, and both parents and other gift-givers are always on the lookout for fun new baby gifts.

It’s also the kind of business that can easily be started by solopreneurs with a crafty bent. Build a cute website to sell the product online (or use Etsy) and start printing, sewing and selling.

Photo by Yosimiya.

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