Everything A Busy Family Needs In Seattle

I have said it many times, but that doesn’t change the truth of it – necessity is the mother of invention. I just happen to write about it when it’s a mother that’s creates it. This time it was a group of mothers that helped fill a niche in their own home town of Seattle.

It all started with a group of moms who were busy and needed resources for things related to their family. The resorted to search engines, and many phone calls, amongst other things, to find out that information they needed. It took time. Of course, since they couldn’t find that resource center that they needed, obviously other parents couldn’t either. So they started one.

It was then that The Kid Compass was born. It’s an organized resource center for information that any parent could need. Right down to the best places to throw a birthday party for kids. Thanks to this resource, parents won’t have to do as much ‘legwork’ to find the information they need. It’s been made available in one place, instead.

Resources like these are popular amongst moms. Especially for moms who find they don’t have this type of option in their own areas. It can also make a good opportunity to make money from advertising for any mom that starts their own resource directory for their own neighborhoods. This idea is a great one that any mom could take and make her own.

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