eBay Affiliates: What’s New, How It Pays


Even with all the fee changes afoot at eBay, there’s still a way to keep making money at the auction giant that doesn’t necessarily tie into listing fees and such – Affiliates. eCommerce-Guide decided to take a look to see what latest developments are underway with the eBay Affiliate program, as well as provide the information you need to get started if you’re new to affiliate marketing).

If you ask Will Martin-Gill, senior manager for Internet marketing at eBay, what the Affiliates program is all about, he’s likely to say its purpose is to “take eBay content to the edges of the Internet.” What he means by that, of course, is that Affiliates dot their own Web sites with links to eBay, thereby drawing to eBay users from the multitudinous arenas of Internet content.

“We are one of the broadest Web sites out there,” Martin-Gill said. “No matter what type of content you have on your Web site… there’s usually something on eBay that’s related.”

When you sign up as an Affiliate, which is free, you have myriad options for getting your users to specific auctions or categories of goods on eBay, and when you drive traffic to eBay, you get paid.

“We pay out between 50-75 percent of the revenue we make,” Martin-Gill said of sales resulting from Affiliate referrals. You get paid also each time a user clicks from your site to eBay and then signs up as a new eBay user and goes on to bid on or purchase something within 30 days.

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