Stuffin' Fun For Birthday Parties

Chances are you’ve heard of Build-A-Bear Workshop. Their’s also a good chance that if you have children, they’ve bugged you to take them. Well, thanks to the popularity of Build-A-Bear many other opportunities are popping up all over the place. You don’t have to stick with that one option anymore.

One mom in Round Rock, Texas has gotten in on the Build-A-Bear fad with her own business, Beary Cute Stuffables. It’s a very community oriented business that offers decent prices so mom’s can have a Build-A-Bear style birthday party for their kids – at home! Or just simply buy a kit so their child can have fun making their own bear without having to go to a big store.

These stuffables have many different types of animals and clothing for them to choose from. From the traditional bear, to the very season-appropriate penguin.

This business shows that sometimes it’s not always a bad idea to start up a business during the time another, larger business may be popular. In this case, the mom behind Beary Cute Stuffables gets to benefit by receiving business from people that don’t want to go to the large chain business. Yet, thanks to how popular they are, her product already has it’s foot in the door.

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