DVICE: Tasers to replace Tupperware at women’s product parties

pink taserIn the old days there were Tupperware parties, with the occasional
Avon or Amway party on the side. Today, there are Taser parties. Dana
Shafman is the inventor of the Taser party concept, and according to a
recent New Yorker article she never leaves home without one.

The beverage of choice at the parties is pink lemonade, and the Tasers themselves may be of the colorful, leopard-print variety. All this belies the fact that Tasers are not exactly harmless. In fact, according to one estimate nearly 200 people have been killed by Taser in the past five years, one as recently as October in the Vancouver airport.

Originally posted by Ty Tribble on February 24, 2008 in MLM Site.


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