More On The 7 Lies Of Network Marketing

Exposing The 7 Lies Of Network Marketing

LiarI really enjoy opening people’s eyes to things such as the 7 lies of
network marketing
. It amazes me how these have almost become online
“urban legends” one one level or another. Funny thing is there is
probably more than seven, but these are the main ones that everyone
seems to talk about and most of them you hear from people that have
been in network marketing since the stone ages. Time to dust off the
lies and come to grips with the truth of today’s network marketing.

If anyone has ever told you that “people are numbers” you might as well
get a new sponsor. That is I’m sorry but what was told 10-20 years ago
and if someone is still using that line it means they are making their
major money from the people they got in their program from the 1990s
until about 2005. All I have to say to that is here’s a number for you,
Only around 7% of the people that join your downline actually continue
to build their businesses as well. Now you tell me how hard it is to
keep a profitable downline with those numbers and the way the payment
systems are now structured.

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