Clean A Can – A Business In The Spotlight

The Orange County Register:

Name of Business: Clean A Can

Owners: Dale and Penny Marin

Business address: 22 Sembrado, Rancho Santa Margarita

Telephone: 949-589-3124

Web site:

Type of business: They provide a mobile trash can cleaning service to meet the needs of the health and environmentally conscious consumer who find it difficult, unpleasant and time consuming to perform this necessary cleaning.

When opened: November 2007

Each month a mobile trash can cleaning vehicle comes to their customers’ homes and cleans their trash cans right on the street after the cans have been emptied by the waste hauler.

The cans are cleaned, sanitized and deodorized right at the curb which is done in an ecologically friendly manner with all the cleaning self contained within the truck. This means nothing is dumped into the street leading to the storm drains and into the ocean.

Because everything is self contained using a state-of-the-art pumping and filtration system with biodegradable cleaning products, they use less than a gallon of water to clean a trash can. By not attempting to clean their cans themselves (which uses around 25 gallons of water which all ends up in the storm drain with whatever residue, disinfectants and cleaning agents are in the can) customers are also helping the environment.

Why did they start the business? Read on…

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