A Chewable Product From 3 Moms

Some of the best inventions are by someone who knows what they’re talking about. Dr. Helen Bloom Smith was sitting on the floor playing with her twin nephews when she notices how much the liked trying to chew on her jewelry. That got her thinking about the affects of the jewelry on what chewing the metals and the glass beads of jewelry does to the child and their tooth growth. It’s not really good for them, but is their an alternative?

After a lot of searching and even more research Dr. Bloom couldn’t find anything that fit what she was looking for. As a new mom, herself, wanting to find something was even more important to her now. So she decided to create something herself. It wasn’t until a wedding that she attended that she found out that her product was as successful with young children as it is. She gave one to her own son as well as her nephews and it was a success. The children stayed preoccupied with it for over an hour.

Founded in 2003, Dr. Bloom, Inc. was founded by sisters Joy Bloom Wright and Dr. Helen Bloom Smith as well as their friend, Mary Wheeler Settlemier. Between each other these moms have a total of 8 children.

I also remember those baby days, and I remember my own daughter chewing on everything she could. The dental background of Dr. Bloom was a great stepping stone for creating this baby safe jewelry. Although I couldn’t see myself wearing it, I could imagine that my daughter would have loved it when she was little. That’s what makes this such a great product. Like many great products, it filled a current need that Dr. Bloom had identified and she did something about it.

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