qualified leadsSo what is an unqualified lead? It is anyone and everyone that you meet
on the streets. Most of them are complete strangers whom you hand a
business card during conferences,career exhibitions and seminars. Even
your relatives and friends might be the best examples of generic
marketing leads! They let you give them your sales presentation simply
because out of love and respect for you. But, they are not qualified
leads because they have not actually expressed any interest in the
products you are selling or the company you are representing.

However, there is a chance that you can convert any lead, no matter how
generic and unqualified, into a qualified one. Unfortunately, you have
to realize that this will take some time and it depends on your skills,
knowledge, burning desire and determination.

A qualified lead on the other hand usually is a person who has
requested information from you or your website. They want more
information about the products and business you are promoting and also
the service you are providing. A qualified lead might also be someone
who is already familiar with the network marketing industry and wants
to start a business but might still be searching for just the right
company to join.

Obviously, those leads are worth more than the generic leads! You would
think that every qualified lead will turn into a customer or downline
member who will earn you a residual income? By no means! In fact, the
person may decide against buying your product or joining your business.

Originally posted by Ty Tribble on March 4, 2008 in MLM Site.


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