How I Make Money Via Advertising

A reader wrote:

I’ve stumbled upon your blog and was wondering if you cared to share a bit of your business plan to a fellow entrepreneur. Obviously, a very successful website, based on the percentage dedicated to advertising, but I was wondering what your success rate was with google adsense vs. the independent advertising revenue. I notice a link for advertisers to contact about rates, but do you actually handle that part of your business, or is that a 3rd party as well.

Am I missing anything, or is your revenue strictly driven by click thru advertising?

You’re absolutely correct. I make all my revenue via advertising. Both third party and Google. All of my third party advertising is view based, and not based on clicks.

I handle the static 125×125 banners in the sidebar manually (and keep all of the money), and Federated Media handles the large banner CPM advertising at the top (they keep a portion).

Direct ad sales are much more profitable than Adsense.

Are you looking to create a competing site? 🙂

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