Market 99 Seeks To Become Franchisor Of 99 Cent Supermarkets


Company officials announced today they have rounded down to 2, the number of Franchise Consulting Services Firms, in which they are interested in assisting them to transition Market 99 market99.jpginto a franchisor of 99 cent supermarkets. Market 99 would like to establish itself as one of the pre-eminent retail store fronts within the dollar-store industry, recognizable by name and logo. Market 99 would like to reach a critical mass through the following metrics:

* Number of Stores
* Revenues
* Profitability
* Market Value / Valuation

Jason Brola, CEO of Market 99, stated, ‘Though franchising Market 99 has developed into a reasonable concept to continue to pursue, it is possible that it might not be the catalyst to achieve all corporate goals.’

Brola further stated, ‘Franchising Market 99 addresses several goals in a positive manner. Read more.

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