Worker not Getting Enough Sleep?

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The National Sleep Foundation says Americans are not getting enough rest and work may be getting in the way.sleepThe Washington, D.C.-based organization said in a new study that nightly sleep averages out to 6 hours and 40 minutes, below the 7 hours and 18 minutes that most people say they need.The reason for less sleep may be due to increased workload. The report said workers are spending an average of nearly 4.5 hours each week doing additional work from home on top of a 9.5 hour average workday.

NSF said on average the workday begins at 5:35 a.m. Their average commute is about 47 minutes. Workdays are also getting longer with 25 percent spending between 9 and 10 hours on the job and 33 percent saying they work 10 or more hours each day.

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