Cheap and Effective Advertising Ideas

Not all methods of advertising require a third party or expensive fees. It takes as little as a T shirt to start getting your name out there.shirt


Wrap your car. You can wrap your car in corporate advertisements. Sites such as offers free sponsored cars for two years or pay drivers up to $400 a month to drive their own wrapped vehicles.

Bumper stickers. If you can’t commit to plastering a company’s name all over your car, try bumper stickers. This will allow you to advertise for a small business as the costs of bumper stickers are low. Place a bumper sticker or two on your car and you’re ready to go. If you’re working with a small company, offer to carry business cards so if someone asks you questions while you’re out you can direct them to the right person to answer their questions.

Wear a company t-shirt. If you wear t-shirts while at the gym, playing sports or running errands, wear one with a company’s name or logo. If you build an advertising agreement with a company that doesn’t have a designed t-shirt, make one yourself. Put the business’s Web site on it so people can refer to it later. Keep a visual record by taking a quick photo of yourself with your camera or phone while you’re out and about.

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