Foundation Company Ordered To Pay Franchisee

St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

A St. Louis County judge ordered Wednesday that The Crack Team, a foundation repair company, should pay $530,755 in past and future damages to a franchise brokerage in a breach-of-contract suit.

AMG Franchises Inc. is owed $50,155 in past-due royalties, fees for chemical sales by a franchisee in St. Charles County, and legal fees, Cicardi Bruce, its vice president, testified.

Under a settlement agreement dated Aug. 11, 2004, the contract between Chesterfield-based AMG and the foundation repair company runs until 2022, so AMG should be paid $480,600 for future years of royalties and chemical sales, said AMG‘s lawyer, Paul H. Rechenberg, in his damage request.

No one representing The Crack Team showed up Wednesday morning, and there has been no official response to the suit that was filed in October. So Judge John F. Kintz entered the default order in AMG‘s favor for the full amount of $530,755. More.

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