Glasses Can Find Your Keys, iPod

The National Ledger:

This is an invention that can finally help. Are you always losing your car keys around the house? And once you spend fifteen minutes finally locating those where is your iPod so you can jam out on some tunes on your trip? It happens to everyone and you can’t just call it like you can your cell phone when you lose that. So what do you do?

It looks a bit freaky but there soon may be help coming that is a set of “intelligent glasses.” It is actually called the Smart Goggle and the amazing invention records everything the wearer observes – and it can recognize objects to later help you find them, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The UK Telegraph reports that if a user initially tells the glasses the name of everything that he or she looks at, the glasses will remember the items.

They can then locate the last time the object was seen if it is misplaced, and replay the footage. You gotta love technology. Right now it is still in the developmental stage and he experimental model is still too bulky for daily use but the plan is to get the viewfinder down to a more reasonable and fashionable level, hopefully within a few years.

Photo by National Ledger.

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