The Story Of Two Sarah's And Their Book

They are two friends that have children around the same age. They found that their favorite gifts to give to children were the ones that were personalized for the child receiving the gift. It made the gift that much more special to receive.

Their first book they created was The First Adventures of Incredible You, which can be found on their website Custom Made For Kids. It’s a book that can be personalized to fit the child that will be receiving it. This book goes through the first adventures that children tend to experience early on in their childhood. Something any child would enjoy reading over and over again.

Even after the kids aren’t into reading their book anymore, these books are a great keepsake for once they’re older. Then they can look back and smile about those special things from when they were children all over again.

Sarah H. and Sarah R. both prove that it’s possible to get somewhere in the business world with a good idea. Taking something that is just a simple book and making it so it can be personalized to the child receiving it is definitely a creative business idea and something that could be expanded on in many different areas by others looking for a good business idea.

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