Speaking Roses

Speaking Roses has developed a patented system to print and emboss directly onto the petal of a live flower. Their process doesn’t harm or shorten the life of the flower in anyway. This twist on the already huge conventional flower business allows for a unique selling proposition in what has typically been a commodity industry.

Speaking Roses is currently licensing the technology and supplies necessary for their process to people looking to start their own business:

With the ability to place anything from a corporate logo to a marriage proposal on fresh-cut flowers, we have opened a door to an advertising world that is only just beginning to tap into its real potential.

The chance to get in on the ground floor of this amazing opportunity is now being offered to business-minded individuals who are looking to be the first in this new market to capture the hearts of consumers in a way that has already caught the attention of everyone from Hollywood to the guests at your best friend’s wedding.

When you join our team as a Speaking Roses licensed owner, you start out running. With the ‘know how’ of experienced professionals, you join a company that is already experiencing unheard-of success, having already earned recognition from magazines such as Forbes, Family Circle, In Touch, and many more.

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