The Baby Gardner Offers Up Original Creations

Vintage children items are beautiful, yet hard to come by. When it’s found, it is usually very expensive or not for sale.

Deanna Gardner has made it so that parents can buy their children those items that gives them a look back in time, without paying the prices. That is because the art used is styled to fit into that vintage style without actually being that old. All of the items are artist originals which gives each item something special.

Not all of the art shown on the items sold by Deanna at The Baby Gardner are by her, though. The extraordinary talent of others around the world have been given to the items she sells as well. All of the artists used have a love for vintage and for children, making their artwork just as fitting as Deanna’s. Anyone looking to buy something from her website just needs to look for the artist credit with the item to see who is the artist behind the item.

With a degree in fine art and graphic design this mom of two, I can tell that this mom has succeeded at turning something she loves into a great business with it’s own unique style.

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