4 of the Youngest Entrepreneurs


#1 Anshul Samar: Elementeo CEO
Anshul Samar is a 13 year old student at Lawson Middle School in Cupertino. He’s also the articulate CEO of his gaming startup, Elementeo. His company is aiming to inject fun into learning with the creation of a fantasy role playing board game that teaches chemistry. So far, his goal is to reach $1 million in revenues by the end of his first year on the job, which is by summer of 2008.

#2 Ben Casnocha: Comcate Founder
Ben Casnocha, Comcate This ain’t your regular kid at 19 years old. He’s the 6′ 4″ founder of Comcate, a software company that provides customer support tools for local governments. He started the company based on a sixth grade technology class project when he was just 12 years of age while he attended the Town School for Boys, a popular school in San Francisco. Since then, several dozen clients from small to mid-sized cities are ringing up annual revenue of around $750,000 for his company.

#3 Aaron Swartz: Co-founder of Reddit
Now 21 20, Aaron Swartz was just 14 years old when he co-authored the RSS 1.0 specification, which you’re probably intimately familiar with if you’re a blogger. It’s a standard or format for feeds that allow you to subscribe and keep up with your favorite web sites via automatic updates.

#4 Jake Lunn: Nautical Napkins Founder
This 11 year old British lad was fascinated about sailing boats and cool yachts so his parents literally teased him into starting a company to support his dream of owning a super yacht one day. So it was very apropos that he started a company that created and sold custom and personalized napkins for boats!

Photo via thedigeratilife

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