Secret No. 7: Sell Consciously


How often do we sell? If we counted out the time we are actually in front of a customer, it would probably surprise you. Most sales professionals are only with a client less than two hours per day. The reality is, we do so little selling there it’s hardly worth mentioning. So where do we sell if we don’t sell in front of the customer?

We sell everywhere. We sell to the receptionist, we sell to the sales assistant, we sell all the time. And our thought process should be that we should be prepared to sell all the time. The key for most breakthrough sales people is “proximity.” Proximity allows you to be around people who either buy your product, recommend you to others who buy your product, or give you information that later helps sell your product.

Here’s the secret: We have to make sure that we sell in close proximity to us at all times. Those sales lead us to more obvious sales. If you want to have record-breaking success, sell consciously all the time. Get ready and stay ready to sell!

Photo by matthains.

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