“Remember the Hook” When Marketing Small Biz

The Profit Repairman:

Have you ever been fishing or seen how fishing is done? Without some sort of “hooking” device, very little fish would be caught (most do not just jump into the boat willingly). The same is true in selling your product line. Even when you have the most wanted product around, if you do not inform customers where to buy it (the hook in this example), you will see very little quantity sold.

When you think of a hook, remember, it is to grab the client’s attention long enough for the sales process to begin between the buyer and seller. The hook is not meant to make anyone buy on the spot (but it could), rather the hook’s goal is to have the clients open up their minds and communicate (verbally and/or non-verbally) to you, “I am interested in potentially buying your product.

By having different hooks in the marketplace, your business unit increases the opportunity to produce sales across a vast number of potential demographics.

Photo by colodio.

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