The Special Needs Edge

Having a special needs child opened up Alycia Shapiro’s eyes to how hard it was to find exactly what she wanted.

When Alycia’s child was born she had no idea what to get for toys. So she commonly just got what looked good. It wasn’t until he got a little older that they found out he actually had a speech impediment and sensory integration problems that left him needing special toys to help him improve in those areas.

It wasn’t long after that when SensoryEdge was born. Since then, the business has grown quite a bit to include other things such as children’s furniture. It has been four years now, and the business is still going strong.

As a resource for caregivers yet providing quality products at competitive prices, Alycia has continued with her success. Now the mom of two great children, it’s just as important as it ever was to provide the great products that she sells.

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