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Before pharmaceuticals were widely available, humans looked to nature for cures and restoratives. Jack’s Harvest, frozen organic baby food embraces nature’s pharmacy to enhance baby’s wellness from the very first bite of food. Jack’s Harvest has chosen to add organic herbs and spices to its baby food to tempt curious taste buds and provide extra health benefits. A dash of cinnamon, cumin, ginger, mint, turmeric or vanilla not only helps to boost developing immune systems and aid in digestion, but adds appealing flavor as well. In addition, these herbs and spices are not common allergens.

Parents around the world feed their babies food with complex flavor. “Babies don’t have to wait to try herbs and spices. In many countries, spices are offered from the very beginning,” said Dr. Julie Segal, a pediatrician at Children’s Wellness Center in Atlanta, Georgia. “I like that Jack’s Harvest’s organic baby food gives parents a choice to feed their babies food that is rich in both flavor and wellness.”

The inspiration for Jack’s Harvest’s cauli-baba potatoes with a touch of turmeric, cumin & lime was derived from a common Indian curry of spiced cauliflower and potatoes called Gobi Aloo. “If babies are exposed at an early stage to a depth of flavor, not just sweet or salty, but savory, complex spices like cumin, turmeric and cinnamon, their palates develop and they are inclined to accept more than just simple carbohydrates,” said co-owner of Jack’s Harvest Heather Schoenrock.

“Adding spices supports our core belief that babies have taste buds and know what tastes good,” said co-owner of Jack’s Harvest Connie Pope. “Yes, plain sweet potatoes are tasty, but add a dash of cinnamon and vanilla and they’re even more delicious — and healthier for you.”

Mom-owned and operated, Jack’s Harvest frozen organic baby food is the first step toward a lifetime of healthy, adventuresome eating for your child – because your baby has good taste! Gently prepared in small batches using seasonal organic produce, Jack’s Harvest baby food is pureed to smooth perfection or left a little lumpy, then quickly frozen to capture nature’s fresh flavor, vibrant color, rich texture and essential nutrients. A dash of organic herb or spice tempts little taste buds and adds extra health benefits. Jack’s Harvest baby food is USDA certified 100% organic and contains no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, salt, sugar or fillers.

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