Finding Your Next Big Business Idea


The best way to think of an idea is to consider things that upset you or cause problems in your daily life. Don’t think of products, think of problems.idea

Come up with answers to the following:
– What frustrates you?
– What things slow you down or cause bottlenecks?
– In your everyday life, what bothers you?

Answers may be things like:
– I hate standing in a line of 10 grocery carts at the grocery store.
– I hate that stuff doesn’t flush down the toilet
– I hate that I have to take garbage bags out so much to the dumpster
– I hate that when I use an umbrella in the rain, it stays wet when I bring it inside.

Then think of a solution to the problems:
– A product or system which automates or speeds up grocery lines
– A consumer version of a portable trash compactor
– A plastic sleeve that rolls down the umbrella and wipes the excess water off

Start with problems and work your way towards solutions. You’ll find it is much easier to find a market need by first identifying what the problem is.

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