First Choice Business Brokers Allocates Master Franchises In Europe

Sun Herald:

First Choice Business Brokers’ (FCBB) plans to transfer its efficient franchise model containing business brokerage services to the European market now become concrete: Motivated by first positive response from the European market the US-American franchise company intends to contract with intermediaries who are to recruit individual European franchisees. Thus FCBB expects the rapid adaptation of the proven franchise system in the European Union.

A potential Master Franchisee will purchase the rights to sell First Choice franchises in a given territory by paying a fee to FCBB in advance. The Master Franchisee will then take the franchise fee when selling franchises in their territory. “We split the royalty with the Master Franchisee”, explains Jeffrey D. Nyman, CEO of First Choice Business Brokers, and adds: “This enables rapid expansion, rather than opening up corporate offices in each location.”

The Master Franchisees’ function is to provide the franchisees in their territory with training and support services. With Master Franchisees, FCBB is able to sell and support more franchises providing accelerated growth for the company.

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