Organic Baby Food Mom's Will Say "YES!" To

The world of food that Heather Stouffer had been introduced to at a young age was the first step in creating her love for a variety of good foods.

When Heather had her son, she couldn’t wait for him to reach the age where she’d be able to start feeling him great homemade purees of all the good foods she enjoys. The only problem was when that time came she found herself not always having the time to create that meal. When she’d look for a quick store bought alternative, their was none to be found. So she did something about it.

From her own personal needs Heather was able to create a full time business dedicated to providing what she was looking for. Mom Made Foods sells organic baby food which comes without those terrible additives that can be found in many other things.

Making her foods from high quality fruits and vegetables, Heather has created a business that she can feel proud of. It’s also an added bonus that she can fully support her product because it is exactly what she’d give her own child. Her story shows potential buyers why she thinks their children will like it too. The personal touch she gives her products’ story is a nice one.

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