Wrap 'n Wear Baby Carrier Makes Life Easier For New Moms


Lori Jones and Kristi Norman introduce Wrap ‘n Wear, an ingenious baby carrier that can be wrapped around the body in several fashions to make life easier for new moms. Jones and co-creator of Wrap ‘n Wear, Norman, both struggled with the same issues of being new moms and doing all that life demands while having children in their arms most hours of the day. After trying a couple of options within the baby carrier market to allow them to have their hands free, they quickly became exhausted since the carriers did not match their needs of comfort and design. So they decided to create their own solution.

Lori Jones didn’t know that her simple solution to a big problem would be a solution not just for her, but for new moms everywhere.

Wrap ‘n Wear is their solution to an age-old problem that plagued more women than they knew. Jones and Norman were soon joined by friend Beth Whitaker in this endeavor and together they helped take Wrap ‘n Wear from a basement project to a thriving business that’s reaching thousands of women.

“I just wanted a way to free my hands but still be with my baby– it’s invaluable to be able to do both,” said Jones. “Once I had that option, I had much more freedom, in addition to less neck, shoulder, and back pain. These are things that every mom and dad can relate to.”

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