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Founder Rob Fritzer was an entrepreneur in 1985, seeking an opportunity to own a business that not only kept his interest but also helped provide other people some happiness. Realizing that family photographs were a part of everyone’s life, as well as other nostalgic pieces of memorabilia, Fritzer began producing custom videos that contained the bit of family history in an easy-to-view format, calling it Family Tree Digital Video. It became a hit due to it innovating way of preserving a family’s history. As time progressed, Family Tree Digital Video began to realize that the production time for a typical project was way too long so the company invented a piece of proprietary equipment that cut the production time down from days to hours.

Family Tree Digital Video kept producing custom made video and also began to open up additional companies, each of which was successful. Following their own lead and entrepreneurial vision, the company decided to open the opportunity up to other like-minded entrepreneurs and business people interested in the business. The opportunity does require an initial investment that is expensive. It does include all of the equipment, set up, training, support, marketing support, and other assistance. The website states that Family Tree Digital Video does not have any competitors, no overhead costs, and a large market available to keep the business profitable.

The end product is a music video, formatted on a DVD that “tells the history of a family, from great-great grandparents down to the current members of the family.” Customers can provide photographs, home videos, slides, and any other memorabilia available in order to create the custom DVD. Family Tree Digital Video also includes music, special effects, titles, a voice-over tracks to create a high quality family keep sakes. Not only does Family Tree Digital Video work with family information, they also produce corporate marketing videos and television commercials for both large and small companies.

Interested parties who meet certain financial eligibility requirements have an opportunity to personally meet with the Family Tree Digital Video management in San Diego. Airfare and hotel costs will be reimbursed by the company for qualified parties. The company may also assist you with options for providing financing to get the business up and running.

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