Mom’s Baby Gear Rentals Are A Success

When someone goes on vacation with their family, chances are they don’t have the room to bring along the stroller and other big things that are needed once they’re at their destination. Rather than seeing it as a problem, Lisa Cook saw that as a business opportunity.

Her baby equipment rental and baby registry consultant business was first started in January of 2006, although the baby registry consultant part didn’t get added until this year. Crybaby Comforts is an easy solution for parents looking to rent things they need rather than traveling with those items.

I got the chance to talk to Lisa about her business and ask her a few questions about how she got it to where it is today.

What was your inspiration for your business?

I really wanted to stay at home with my children. We needed some extra income to help push us through each month. It was various people who helped me come up with all the ideas for what is now Crybaby Comforts.

Did you have any previous knowledge that you were able to put towards your business?

I had no previous business knowledge but plenty of baby equipment knowledge after having two children of my own. I have also always had a passion for learning about new equipment available to moms and dads.

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