Silicon Valley Mompreneurs Launch "from: Everyone"


With end-of-year teacher and graduation gifts, spring holidays and bridal season around the corner, Silicon Valley mompreneurs Paula Cho and Michelle Nieda today launched the first hassle-free group gift service online called from: Everyone.

from: Everyone is an easy-to-use online service for anyone who wants to collect individual contributions toward the purchase of a group gift without the headache or hassle of asking for and collecting money from each participant and trying to find a gift agreeable to all.

Company co-founders Paula and Michelle created from: Everyone after volunteering to organize the holiday and year-end group gifts for their kids’ teachers and coaches on behalf of fellow school parents. Paula and Michelle were bewildered by how such a seemingly thoughtful gesture could become a time-consuming chore each and every time they did it.

“Anyone who’s ever tried to organize a group gift can relate to our experience. It was a frustrating, time-consuming process to reach out to everyone, collect the money and pick a gift the group could agree upon,” said Paula, co-founder and mother of three school-age kids. “Everyone wanted to recognize the teachers for their hard work during the school year, but instead of feeling joy in giving them a gift, we felt frustrated with the process. We thought, ‘there has to be an easier, better way.'”

“When we came up with the idea for from: Everyone, we tested it with our friends and fellow moms to see what they thought of the concept,” said Paula. “Every single one of them loved it and wanted to start using it immediately. They were relieved to know there’s a solution that will help save them time and energy at the end of the day and still enable them to celebrate the people who are important in their lives.”

Paula and Michelle became entrepreneurs overnight. In their “spare time” as full-time moms, Paula and Michelle invented from: Everyone’s patent-pending solution to simplify the group gift giving process. It automates every step online, from inviting and collecting contributions for any size group to packaging and delivering the gift or donation, and takes just minutes for gift organizers to get started and for gift participants to reply.

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