Should You Pursue an Invention?

You have been thinking about an idea for months or maybe years. You feel like you have a good idea, your family and friends have told you that you have a good idea and you are passionate and optimistic about the success possibilities. Regardless of your excitement, you would still like to know if your idea is really going to succeed in the marketplace. You would like to at least gain some reassurance that success will happen so that you don’t have to go through the work of inventing if your idea isn’t going to make it. What should you do?

Before you spend any time or money developing your idea, including meeting with a patent attorney, take some time to conduct your own informal market research. For starters, ask yourself some basic questions to ascertain whether your invention really fills a need and if there is a substantial customer base that would purchase your invention. Some inventors may solve a problem that is unique to them, but when they look at the market overall, they may realize that although it’s a good idea, only a limited number of people share their problem, thereby limiting the market opportunity.

If you are still feeling passionate and optimistic about your invention after conducting some basic market research, you may now want to consider arranging for patent research to be performed on your idea. I would suggest that you consult with a registered patent attorney or patent search firm to perform and discuss the search with you. Although you can perform a preliminary patent search on your own, utilizing a professional skilled in this area should yield better results.

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