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Solana MedSpas offer a turn-key, non-franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in operating a medical spa facility. Medical spas provide services like massages, facials, aromatherapy, and manicures. A medical spa differs from other day-type spas because the program is operated under the strict supervision of a licensed healthcare professional. Both traditional and non-traditional medicines are used at the medical spas. There purpose is to provide comprehensive medical and wellness care to customers, combining both traditional spa services as well as medical services. They create a balance between clinical and luxury services to both men and women, who seek age-enhancing procedures from a licensed medical professional. Medspas are a convenient way to receive cosmetic care, where customers can schedule appointments at their convenience instead of the doctor’s.

Entrepreneurs and medical professionals are beginning to see the profitability in the fast growing industry due to the demand for Botox procedures, laser hair removal, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and hyaluronic acid treatments. The Solana Medspa Development program provides both medical professionals and business entrepreneurs a model for a legal, compliant, and innovative medspa business. The investment requirements are in the six-figure range and there is a net worth requirement as well in order to reach eligibility requirements. If you meet the criteria, Solana will help you develop your own unique medspa with a menu of services that will fit into your local market. You will be backed by a national network of support and take part in share information and successful marketing strategies.

Because the Solana MedSpa opportunity is not a franchise, you will be responsible for the day to day operation of the facility. Solana will supply guidance to support the organizational structure of your business, provide marketing and other support functions for the facility. They offer an intensive development program that is customized to your business, your customers, and location. From creating a business plan, applying for licenses, and training staff, the development program has been designed to help guarantee success.

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