USB Office Keeps You Productive


You’ve just grabbed a cup of coffee at a local cyber-café after a long morning meeting, and you remember that you owe your boss a progress report before noon. She likes it in PDF format so she can publish it to the company portal, but you’re miles from the office. You have the report text and a spreadsheet on your USB thumb drive, but you need to put the package together.

With Tiny USB Office, you can use the computer at the café to put the finishing touches on the document, convert it all to PDF, and e-mail it to your boss, all without worrying what the computer in the café has installed.

The only thing tiny about Tiny USB Office is its file size: only about 2.5MB. The suite of applications is huge in the number of apps it contains and the number of functions each app covers.

The basics are covered; there’s a text editor, a spreadsheet application, a fully-featured e-mail application, and more. Additionally, if you’re the type who carries all of your files and data on a USB drive, you’ll find Tiny USB Office invaluable if you want to stay productive without carrying a laptop around with you.

Tiny USB Office is completely free and works on just about any version of Windows.

Photo by pellacraft.

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