Healthy Fast Food Inc.’s 12 State Territory Expansion Underway

Business Wire:

Healthy Fast Food, Inc., continuing its expansion efforts of EVOS© Feel Great Fast Food™, announced today the newest franchisee of EVOS, USA, in HFFI’s 12 state territory. As the latest EVOS franchisee in HFFI’s 12-state territory, Evolutionary Fast Food, LLC. intends to open their first location in the Phoenix, AZ market this year.

‘We loved the concept, as we feel the timing is right for healthier fast food that fits with the American life style,’ said Richard Frakes, Owner of Evolutionary Fast Food, Inc. ‘We are excited to introduce the Phoenix area to the EVOS concept.’ Evolutionary Fast Food, LLC. joins California Healthy Partners, LLP. as EVOS franchisees in Healthy Fast Food, Inc.’s 12 state territories.

‘We welcome Evolutionary Fast Food to our territory and we are just delighted to work with them to introduce the concept to the Phoenix market,’ said Hank Cartwright, CEO of Healthy Fast Food, Inc., an Area Representative of EVOS USA, Inc. ‘We look forward to expanding the EVOS brand in Healthy Fast Food’s territory.’

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