Earth-Friendly And Mom Owned – The Polka Dot Bumblebee

Since today is Earth Day, I thought it might be fun to mention an earth-friendly business. They don’t specialize in “green” products, but the way Veronica runs her business is what makes it that way.

The office supplies used for her business are recycled. She also uses as little packaging as possible to help save on waste. The earth-friendliness of Polka Dot Bumblebee goes right down to printing where the place that prints her cards and stationery uses wind power to run those printers.

Veronica isn’t just spreading her time between her business and being a parent, she also donates her time and services to non-profit charities and children organizations. All the good she does goes to show how good of a person she is. Her success in business shows how good of a mompreneur she is also.

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