San Francisco Bar Goes Green

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Elixir, located in the Mission District, is the first bar to be certified by the city as a green business. In addition to serving local beers and wines, Elixir specializes in environmentally friendly cocktails like the Country Thyme, a sort of blueberry lemonade made with fresh thyme and Square One vodka.

Square One is Ehrmann’s vodka of choice because of the company’s ultra-green approach. “It’s a vodka made from organic rye that’s farmed from North Dakota,” Ehrmann says. “The distillery is in Idaho, and the distillery uses water from the Snake River that runs just below the distillery.” Labels made from tree-free paper and soy ink are applied to the bottles after they’re filled with vodka.

In California alone, transporting wine imported from France creates more than 10 million pounds of pollution each year, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Putting wine in something lighter than glass bottles is a greener alternative, but most oenophiles aren’t quite ready to order their favorite pinot out of a box or bag. That may change in the future, Ehrmann says, as the popularity of green bars grows.

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