10 Hacks To Improve Home Office Productivity


If you work from home, the central part of your work life is the home office. For some, that means the kitchen table, but most of us assign a specific room to be the base of operations and (try to) do our work from there each day.

If you can’t identify the things that trigger a productive mood for you, then you’ll have a tough time improving your workspace on anything more than a cosmetic level. Spend some time on this, and get it right! Here are some hacks that work for me.

1. Get some good tunes going.

2. Keep a distraction around, but out of the way.

3. Never be without a way to quickly catch an idea.

4. Use your workspace to hack your brain into focusing.

5. Get a plant.

6. Lighting and color.

7. Declutter.

8. Get the hell out of there!

9. Get ergonomic input peripherals.

10. Do whatever the hell makes you happy.

For details, go here.

Photo by monstar-x.

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