Entrepreneur creates DIY ethanol machine

A Silicon Valley entrepreneur is betting that drivers stung by rising gas prices will be eager to make the switch to ethanol for their cars — and that they’ll want to make it at home in a $10,000 refrigerator-sized machine.


Moli a new site for small business social networking

As social networking trickles into the business world, Moli.com is working to become the go-to social media resource for small businesses.

How To Kill Time At Work

Warning: Minimal Butt Exposure.

Steve Ballmer Egged In Budapest

Nothing sticks it to the man like a good egging.

Keep Your Spoon To Yourself At Work

From Yahoo.com TOKYO (Reuters) – A veteran sumo wrestler who attacked a junior grappler with a cooking instrument has been ordered to take a salary cut for his violent outburst.


Creepy Big Brother Ad

This Big Brother Bus Stop ad in Australia uses blue tooth technology to send cell phone users within range of the bus stop text messages.

Have A Book You Need To Market? Throw Money From A Plane!

From MSNBC.com JAKARTA, Indonesia – If you’re short of cash and don’t mind running in tropical humidity and smog for a few bucks, read on.


Edible Ad

Sick of all those magazine ads piling up?